EWP & Working At Heights Services

Our team is EWP certified, emphasising our dedication to safety and proficiency in high-elevation projects.

Facilitate Group takes safety and compliance seriously, particularly in projects that involve working at height. Our team proudly holds EWP certifications, underscoring our commitment to both safety and expertise.

This certification ensures that all members are thoroughly trained in operating various elevated work platforms. This expertise not only guarantees that our projects adhere to the highest safety standards but also allows us to work efficiently and effectively in environments that require working at height.

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Comprehensive Training

Facilitate Group offers comprehensive training for staff and employees to ensure the safe and proficient operation of employees working from elevated platforms.

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Commitment to safety

Facilitate Group demonstrates unwavering commitment to the safety of its staff and employees by ensuring all team members hold EWP certifications.

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EWP Certifications

Facilitate Group holds EWP certifications for staff and employees to ensure adherence to safety and compliance standards in elevated work environments.

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