Expert Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Roofs take the brunt of the force of the elements and harsh weather conditions of New Zealand.

We offer thorough roof, gutter and spout inspections for residential, commercial and industrial sites and provide a detailed report that identifies problem areas and potential issues that can become costly if not maintained regularly.

Roof and gutter cleaning services include:

Gutter cleaning:

gutter cleaning nz

Blocked gutters can cause roof flooding and possibly water ingress which is extremely costly to repair. Our team will remove vegetation and any other foreign debris from gutters and spouting to ensure rainwater flows freely into the stormwater system.

Roof cleaning:

roof cleaning

Roofs require washing and chemical treatments to remove algae and lichen that looks unsightly and decreases the value of your property. Our team has the gear and skills to work at heights and clean your roof thoroughly, even in the hardest-to-reach places.

Sealing and waterproofing:

sealing and waterproofing

Rainwater is your property’s worst enemy and needs to be kept out at all times. Our team is qualified and experienced in sealing and waterproofing using advanced technology to ensure your property stays dry where it should be.

Waterproofing is the combination of materials used to prevent water intrusion into the structural elements of a building or its finished spaces.

We offer all types of liquid and membrane waterproofing products, from small maintenance repair jobs to full warm roof replacements and roof overlays.

  • Recoating swimming pools
  • Waterproofing membranes (for below-ground tanking, decks & terraces, Flat & curved roofs etc.)
  • Specialist high-build coatings (both functional in waterproofing and appearance).
  • Sealants (in concrete control joints, precast panels, Alucobond cladding, water retaining structures, and building penetrations).
  • Epoxy coatings (for protecting commercial floors, walls, plant room areas, and pools).
  • Protective Coating systems (for metal roofs and wall cladding, steel windows and pipes, etc.)
  • Epoxy grouts and screeds (for concrete repairs, new floors, and grouting work.

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