Test & Tag Electrical Inspection

Regular test and tag electrical inspections are crucial in workplaces to ensure electrical equipment safety.

Ensuring workplace safety is not just a responsibility but a necessity. Test and tag is a process where electrical appliances are inspected and tested for safety and functionality. This process helps identify any potential electrical hazards that could lead to accidents or injuries in the workplace. By conducting regular test and tag assessments, businesses can prevent electrical mishaps, ensuring the safety of their employees and compliance with health and safety regulations.

At Facilitate Group we abide by the AS/NZS 3760 Standard Testing protocol.

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Testing Frequencies



Construction, building, and demolition industries require the testing frequency to be every 3 months, as these industries rely heavily on electrical equipment and tools that are vital for their day-to-day operations. Given the often hazardous environments in which these tools are used and in an environment that has high exposure to dust, moisture, and physical damage; there is a significantly higher risk of electrical faults developing.



Factories, production facilities and warehouses should undergo testing frequencies every 6 months as they are integral to the supply chain, handling vast amounts of raw materials, goods and equipment crucial for various sectors. The necessity for regular testing and tagging in these industries cannot be overstated due to their high reliance on electrical equipment and machinery.



In environments where equipment or cables are subject to frequent flexing, or potentially rough handling, such as in schools, offices, and kitchens, the integrity of electrical appliances can become compromised over time, hence testing every 12 months is more suitable. This can lead to the wear and tear of insulation or the loosening of internal connections, posing serious safety risks. Industries and institutions operating within these settings must prioritise the regular testing and tagging of their electrical equipment at least once a year.

Test & Tag Packages

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50 Tags

  • On-site Testing 
  • Detailed Report Included
  • Automatic Reminders

This package is recommended for smaller businesses.

Small offices, workshops, retail stores etc.


100 Tags

  • On-site Testing 
  • Detailed Report Included
  • Automatic Reminders

This package is recommended for medium sized businesses. 

Warehouses, medium offices, hotels, manufacturers etc.


100+ Tags

  • On-site Testing 
  • Detailed Report Included
  • Automatic Reminders

This package is recommended for larger-scale businesses. 

Large offices, hospitals, schools, workshops etc.


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